Environmental Test Chambers in Iran by Aryana

Test chambers ensure an effective product quality check. In a competitive market, a distinguished manufacturer will focus on the quality and reliability of its product to secure market leadership. As a manufacturer, it is within your responsibility to make sure your product won’t turn out defective after being used by the consumer. Environmental chambers testing services can offer many advantages to manufacturing companies seeking product excellence and customer satisfaction.

While you can control the internal factors that affect your product, you have no control over the external factors that might contribute to your product’s malfunction. However, it is possible to predict and prevent these attributes before your customer discovers them. Enter environmental test chambers.

What is an environmental test chamber?

Environmental test chambers simulate different environmental conditions. based on the test chamber type, we can test the prototype of the product in terms of resistance to low and high temperatures, humidity, and/or thermal shock

Benefits of Test Chambers

At Aryana group, we design test chambers to ensure the full compatibility of your product and various environmental factors. By using a test chamber to QC the prototype of your product, you can pinpoint defects before the mass production stage and consequently prevent large losses.

Besides lowering the maintenance costs, test chambers can boost the satisfaction rate of your customers. Once your customers realize that your product is reliable and high-quality, they will contribute to a positive brand image, increasing your market value.

Types of environmental test chambers

As mentioned earlier, test chambers can help to develop a product that will withstand all climate conditions. Since there are various aspects to these conditions, there are also multiple types of test chambers that manufacturers can use. 

Climatic chambers in Iran

By providing an even distribution of cold and hot temperatures, climatic chambers offer a successful temperature resistance check. As a result, you can guarantee your product won’t carry drawbacks when used by the consumer. In Iran, Aryana Group designs and develops climatic chambers that can simulate conditions as cold as -70 and as hot as +90.

Thermal shock chamber in Iran

Thermal shock chambers are environmental chambers that assess the sample product in terms of its resistance to quick temperature variations. Aryana thermal shock chambers can change the temperature of the simulated environment at 5 to 25 degrees per minute.

Temperature and humidity chamber in Iran

Humidity control chambers carry out humidification and dehumidification functions. Therefore, you can test the prototype product in both dry and humid conditions. Aryana humidity test chambers can provide 3% to 98% humidity control.

Depending on the function and other characteristics of your product, your company can boast one or more types of test chambers. If this is something that you’re not sure about, you can contact us to receive a thorough consultation before your purchase. No strings attached!

Aryana environmental test chambers

During the over 20 years of industry experience, Aryana group has helped equipment manufacturers to enhance their products’ reliability and earn a competitive edge in the market. Based in Tehran, Iran, Aryana factories design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of environmental chambers and other temperature control products

Our solutions include but are not limited to simulating extreme cold and hot temperatures combined with humidity and thermal shock. We strive to offer the best solution tailored to individual manufacturers’ needs and product standards

Contact us to learn more about our services and products.


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